Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Seminar LU Futura: Digitalisation of working life – challenges and opportunities


This is the first of three seminars arranged by LU Futura, in cooperation with CED, on different aspects of the theme 'Framtidens arbetsliv' (Working life of the future). This initial seminar will address digitalisation and how this will lead to the disappearance of some work tasks and competences, and the introduction of new ones. The invited speakers will also discuss which groups might gain from this process and which could lose out, and whether working life digitalisation could contribute to increasing polarisation and inequality in society.


Per Runesson, Professor in Computer Science, LTH, Lund University

Susanne Ackun, Ph.D. in Economics, Macroeconomic Specialist at FORES

Michael Tåhlin, Professor in Sociology, SOFI, Stockholm University

Samuel Engblom, Head of Social Politics, TCO


Maria Stanfors, Professor in Economic History, Lund University


Please note that presentations at these seminars are in Swedish.

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24 September 2019