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Lund Papers in Economic Demography


2017:1 Martin Dribe, Björn Eriksson, Francesco Scalone
"Migration, Marriage, and Social Mobility in Sweden 1880-1900"

2017:2 Tommy Bengtsson, Luciana Quaranta
"The Impact of Short-term Economic Stress on Infant and Child Mortality in Southern Sweden, 1705-1812"

2017:3 Martin Dribe, J. David Hacker, Francesco Scalone
"How Context Shaped Intermarriage during the Great Migration to the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

2017:4 Joseph Molitoris
"Heterogeneous Effect of Birth Spacing on Neonatal Mortality Risks in Bangladesh"

2017:5 Josephine Jacobs, Jeffrey Neilson, Maria Stanfors

"Caregiving time costs and tradeoffs with paid work and leisure:
Evidence from Sweden, the UK and Canada"

2018:1 Martin Dribe, Björn Eriksson

"Socioeconomic Status and Adult Life Expectancy in Early 20th-Century Sweden: Evidence from Full-Count Micro Census"