Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Educational outcomes and labor market entry of the immigrant second generation in Sweden and Denmark, 1980-2011

PhD Anna Tegunimataka, Department of Economic History, LU

A well pronounced goal with the Oresund collaboration is a dynamic and well-functioning labor market that creates opportunities for everybody living in the region. It is thus of great importance to know more of the situation where people with an immigrant background are still marginalized in the labor market and less successful in education. The aim of this project has been to conduct a comparative study of the second generation immigrants’ position on the labor market and of their educational level in Sweden and Denmark.

What makes the project unique is the access of similar panel data from both countries which makes a comparison possible. This has placed emphasis on differences between ethnic groups but also on important differences between Sweden and Denmark.

Anna Tegunimataka passed her doctoral degree in 2017.

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